Alter Ego - Since 1995
We're going back to where it all began! The Original Alter Ego Fetish Party that took the world by storm... 23 years in the making and still going strong. Wear your kinkiest outfit, and bring your naughtiest attitude because we're going old school, baby.

Join us on Saturday April 14th @ Goldginger Nightclub in Sunrise.


Goldfinger Nightclub - 18+ Welcome!
3801 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33351 We return to Goldfinger Night Club to offer you a venue with tons of play rooms, enough seating for you fat cats and whats best is 18+ for all you younglings ready to kink it hard! A fan favorite, Goldfinger is equipped with an awesome sound system, slick club lights, and ample private rooms in the back, open to all of our attendees who want to get provocative...

Advance $20 - Available at FF Store 7 days a week or ONLINE 
Door $25 - Available at the door of the club all night long

Paul Klov + SirChampa + DeadHead
Spinning a fresh mix Old School and New School Industrial, Electro, Alternative, Indie, Goth, Retro, Dark House as well as old and new favorites.

0pm to 3am
Full Alcohol and Strict Dress code all night long.

FF Fetish Dancers
Val Vampyre - Kayla Bee - Christa Knox - Kat Korpse

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