It's time to teach you all a real lesson!

We are the largest and longest running Strict Dresscode Fetish Party in North America! - Join us to learn why we are: 

"the original kink since 1995"

Grab your jocks and your knee-high socks - It's time to head back to school!

It's the first day back and already, your teacher wants to keep you after class

so join all the other playful pupils, cucky crossing gaurds, and kinky cafeteria ladies in our dirty detention during the annual Back To School Fetish Party! Stuff your knapsack with rulers, rope, and lube for a night thats sure to feature spanktacular schoolgirls and freaky footballers! 

The playground will be set with dungeon furniture and trust us - the teachers WONT be calling your mommy before they take you to the back room for punishment. The pervy pep rally starts at 10pm and the final bell rings at 3am, so come to class prepared for a full night of studying.

Our EPIC back to school fetish party is known to summon over 600 yearly kinksters. 

Remember Fetish Factory's events DO NOT ALLOW photography in any of our events! - We are also a strict fetish (or theme) dresscode event. 

TICKETS: Buy in store or online for $15 or $20 at the door! TICKETS BOUGHT ONLINE ARE ALWAYS WILL CALL / WE NEVER SHIP TICKETS!!

FLYER CREDITS: Models: Ariane Saint-Amour & Emily Astrom. Photo by: StephaneTurcot

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