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We will be posting a monthly guest editorial about the Alter Ego event here. If you have a way with words and would like to submit your experience after attending Alter Ego we would like to hear from you. We will be calling on our guest perfermers, old school loyal fetishists, as well as new commers to offer their take on the party.


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#ComingBackToKink @ The FF Back to School Party View SarahDise's Profile SarahDise People don't realize they already live in Sarahdise, they just put themselves through hell. "Josepher Ringleader"Music up,  hands everywhere, ruler breaking across my ass...I knew I was in Sarahdise.  I found myself head down, face-first in the crotch of a newcomer, a biracial beauty who was so meek she barely made a sound as she patted my ass at the behest of Master. He told her she could spank me, but this girl was obviously way too timid. I kn

The Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend: Florida's Fetish Heaven View Tallmark's Profile Tallmark There are plenty of Fetish parties in various countries around the world. Many boast of being the 'best' or the 'greatest' or the 'largest'. And many people head off to dark corners of bright cities in the hopes of finding an event as glorious as the flyer might have promised.

Great View thumper's Profile thumper I just wanted to say Thanks.  We attended the Valentine's Party last year and were very disappointed due to the lack of space and the smoke filled area.  This year the new space at Exit 66 is perfect.  We brought a bunch of friends who truly enjoyed it as well and plan to come again.  It just keeps getting better and better, thanks for the great work.  We love you.  We are also planning a shopping day to just drive down to Ft Lauderdale to visit

17 Year Anniversary Fetish Weekend View Disziplin's Profile Disziplin

I just wanted to tell you how incredible and enjoyable the 17 Year Anniversary Fetish Weekend was over Memorial Weekend 2012....

SoFloCindy8 shouts out about FW17 View SoFloCindy8's Profile SoFloCindy8 Thank You for Your Patience Glenn!!! Also, "HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU & DONNA AND YOUR "ENTIRE" FF TEAM!!!! :-) ......

Fetish Factory 16th birthday: Mss Tokyo takes the plunge View Timb's Profile Timb Our Australian correspondent Mistress Tokyo gets suited and booted and immerses herself — literally — in Florida-style pervy partying at Fetish Factory’s 16th Anniversary Weekend in May.

Sweet 16: Another Excessively Divergent Gonzo Retrospective by Timb View Timb's Profile Timb FF's own Timb recounts his experiences at the Sweet 16 fetish weekend, sort of.

FF 15-Year Anniversary Weekend by Feline View feline's Profile feline There are parties and then there are events. Parties you attend, mingle, dance, flirt, perhaps meet some interesting people. You experience an event. Events stay with you for a lifetime.  It is attention to detail that creates the proper setting for the creation of an event. Well attended to details create the seamless backdrop to this event and provide the environment for our kinky ethos to thrive. The devil is in the d

14-Year Anniversary - A Gonzo Retrospective View Timb's Profile Timb 14-Year Anniversary Fetish Weekenda Gonzo Retrospective by Timb I say this with all sincerity - I've been doing this for so long that nothing really shocks me anymore.  It takes a lot to impress this guy when it comes to fetish events, FF or otherwise.  Perhaps I'm jaded. Here at the heart of the FF company for over 5 years, I have experienced my fair share of mind-blowing party moments, many that are on par with my expecta

Old and Jaded to Young and Invigorated! View Kim RUB's Profile Kim RUB Over 20 years ago I found myself new on the UK fetish scene (‘a virgin’). It has been singly the most significant thing that has happen to me in my life...

FF Halloween Fetish Ball 2008 by Timb View Timb's Profile Timb Halloween Night, the biggest party on earth, a gonzo journalist's voyage into madness, and Alice as the belle of the Ball.

Fetish Factory's Halloween Fetish Ball - by Timb View Timb's Profile Timb Working at the Fetish Factory as their graphics artist for nearly four years now, I am shocked by very few things and I guess you could say I'm a bit jaded when it comes to the fetish lifestyle and fetish parties in general.  I've been to a million of them.  I still enjoy them so I keep going back, but I envy anyone who gets to experience these fetish parties for the first time. Every year, the Fetish Factory store experiences a brief l

Saturday & Sunday night, during the 12 year Anni party View Miss Kitten's Profile Miss Kitten I had an amazing time on saturday. Got there a bit later than expected but it was great, i walked in the door through the black curtins and i felt as though i was blown away by all the energy in the room. the performances were nothing I've ever seen before an it just made me want to get deeper and deeper into the fetish scene. Sunday, was a bit slower than i would have imagined, that was before I went to the room behind the stage, or u

Domina Erotica's 12 Year Anniversary Party Comment!! View Domina Erotica's Profile Domina Erotica This party was absolutely kick ass, where do I start??!! The venues it was held at (Club Cinema & Coliseum) which was the perfect backdrop to a fetish party full of creative, imaginative, fabulously fetish dressed, eclectic and socially friendly people I have come across since I relocated here from NYC. All the creative energy, time and effort Glenn & Donna put into creating this party was WELL worth it and I must

Fetish Factory's 12 year Anniversary: The Big Impact View Poison's Profile Poison First and Foremost I would love to say Thank you to Glenn and his staff for putting this AMAZING party together. It took a lot of hard work and effort, and it paid off extremely well in the end. Now, I am a frequent shopper at Fetish Factory for the past 2 years and I have never attended to any of their parties. If I tried, something would come up, and I didn't like the thought of attending alone. But this year I got sick and tired of procrastin

Special Fetish Party in Downtown Tampa @ Club XIT View Timb's Profile Timb With all of my plans falling through and people cancelling on me, I finally decided to get brave and go it alone. What I didn't know was that I was about to have one of the best times of my life.


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