Website Features

There are many new features that have been added to the Alter Ego website in the last few months that you may or may not know about. The object of this page is to educate you about these exciting features so that you may fully enjoy them.

Please note that you must be at least a basic (free) member with a completed profile and approved photo(s) to take advantage of these features, so if you have not yet done so, we ask that you take a moment to complete your profile and upload a few photos of yourself. You can login to your account here. If your profile is incomplete, you will be prompted to enter information. This is simple and only takes about 5 minutes.

The bulk of our website is absolutely free. Basic members are never asked for a credit card number during registration. Paid features are also available for those of you who can't get enough and want more, but paid membership is optional. Please read on...

Free Features

Member Search
The Alter Ego website has 12,000+ members and is growing with each passing day. Our member search covers a wide number of criteria so that you can find people in your area with physical characteristics that you love, as well as interests and fetishes that you have in common. It's fast, simple, and allows you to drill down to exactly what you are looking for with a few simple steps.

The graphic below shows a sample of only some of the criteria that is available to search our member database. Member search is available on the member menu after you are logged in.

Mark Yourself Attended
If you attend our fetish parties, you will be given a business-sized card when you step through the door. Don't throw this card away, it is important! On this card is a secret code which you enter on the website to reserve lifetime access to the party gallery for the event that you attended. Instructions are simple and printed on the card.

The secret code expires 14 days after the party. The gallery does not need to be live for you to reserve your access, so reserve in advance! You will have instant access as soon as the gallery goes live.

Party galleries are always available free to party attendees. This is our way of saying thank you for attending our event!

The code shown on the card below is for demonstration purposes only and is not a working code.

ID Yourself
Now you don't have to save the party photos and re-upload them to your profile. Simply explore the party gallery, and when you find a photo of yourself, click on "ID-Yourself". We will approve that photo and it will be automatically attached to your profile. Also, when other members view the gallery, we will put a note on the photo that says who has ID'd themselves in that photo. See the graphic below for an example.

RSVP to a party
Let everyone know you are attending by RSVPing to an event. This adds your name and a link to your profile to our master list of attendees. You can also leave a brief comment for other members to read. Watch this list grow daily in the weeks leading up to the party. This also lets you see the profiles (and read the interests & fetishes!) of everyone who plans to attend the party.

You can find the RSVP button on the event info page for any future event. See the graphic below for an example.

"Poke" Feature
Each member's profile shows if they have RSVP'd to the upcoming event. If they have not, and they look interesting to you, you can use what we call our "poke" feature to invite them to a party. This will hopefully get them to check out your profile and also hopefully instigate their attendance at the party where you might get to know them better.

The graphic below shows a sample profile of a member who is not yet RSVP'd to the upcoming party. In order to "poke" this member and instigate their attendance at the party (and hopefully entice to check out your profile also), you would simply click on the text that says "Send me an invitation now!"

Hotel & Ridesharing "Hookups"
We now have soundboards for our members to arrange for out-of-town rideshare and hotel sharing. If you are a bit brave and adventurous, and you don't mind meeting new people, this is a good opportunity for you to split gas costs, hotel accommodations, or even just keep a fetish friend company on a long drive. You can even link to their member profile to read about them. If you are driving to town for the party or want to split costs on gas / hotel, this is where you can hook it up!

Now that the price of gas is so high, this is a great way to make coming to the party from out of town affordable again. You never know, you might make some cool, new friends! This is also a great way to find a room to crash when the hotels are sold out.

The graphic below shows an example of a hook-ups posting. You can write your own or you can browse the ones that have recently been posted. This section can be found in the member menu once you are logged in.

Lost & Found
It's dark at the club, you were drinking... you took your eyes off of it for one second and it disappeared. It happens to the best of us, but not all hope is lost. Fortunately, most of the attendees are honest people who would rather return something to someone than scam a free found item.

Our site has a lost & found section. If you've lost something, please describe it on the lost & found page. Let us know which party you lost it at and when / where you last saw it. If you've found something, please let us know on the same page. Keep the description brief so that the rightful owner can identify it. It will be moderated by our owner Glenn who will try to have your recovered item returned to the store for you.

The Lost & Found section can be located under the top menu "Information" after you are logged in.

Visit the classifieds section to browse the ads or post your own. The classifieds section is completely free.

You can access this section under the member menu. You must be logged in to view this section.

Erotic Stories
Do you have a way with words? Do you have an overactive kinky imagination? Want to get your fantasy out there to see who else might be obsessed with it? Our erotic stories section allows you a chance to voice your sexy story to our members. Fiction and non-fiction fantasies both welcome! Don't feel like writing? Sit back, read and enjoy. Be sure to contact the authors of your favorite kinky stories. Maybe you can help make their fantasies into a reality!

Below is a graphic showing an example of our kinky stories section. You can access this section by clicking on Kinky Stories under Extras on the top menu. Members can read stories under either section or write their own!

Free Galleries
Our website features a ton of free photo galleries including fetish model, photographer, fashion show, special galleries featuring fetish pool parties and fetish party performances, as well as several of our sexy, free video galleries.

Galleries can be accessed from the top menu. Note the graphic on the right.

Platinum Membership
A paid membership is absolutely optional, but it is much appreciated if you enjoy what we do and are looking to get more involved in our online fetish community by financially supporting the site. Your support allows us to expand the great features and functionality of the site to make it better for everyone.

Our paid memberships are considerably more affordable than mainstream alt. dating websites and we offer a lot more! We are the only alt. dating and fetish community website with a real fetish event. No one else even comes close!

Please note that you must have a completed, approved basic membership with photos to request paid membership. Unlike many websites, our website does not allow you to pay money to be a fly on the wall! We only allow completed profiles with real photos.

Premium Features

Complete Gallery Access
Platinum members have access to every party gallery on the site going back to the beginning regardless of their party attendance, as well as every video gallery on the site.

Full Connectivity with other members
Gold & Platinum members receive full connectivity on the website and are allowed to exchange messages freely with any member on the site regardless of their membership level. This means that paid members can send and receive messages from any other member, basic or paid!

For more information about paid membership, please visit the final section of the Alter Ego guest tour.

If you are already a registered basic member, you can upgrade your account now.