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Paid Accounts
Our gold and platinum member accounts are optional and are for people who are hungry for more! If you just can't get enough and you want it now, a paid membership is definitely for you!

Platinum Level - All Access! Full use of everything on the site including messaging and all galleries.

30 DAYS: $10.00
120 DAYS = $40.00
365 DAYS = $75.00
LIFETIME = $125.00

Registered members upgrade now!

Don't have a credit card? Prefer to pay cash? No problem! Visit us at the Fetish Factory store any weekday between noon and 7pm to pay in cash. We will hook your account up on the spot!

Email Glenn or call the office at 954-563-5777 to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions about paid membership, please contact Glenn.

PLEASE NOTE: You must become a basic member before you are able to upgrade your account to paid status.

Already registered? If you are a registered basic member with photos and an approved profile, you can upgrade your account now!