Alter Ego Guest Tour

  1. Introduction
  2. Free Stuff
  3. Connectivity
  4. Galleries & Eye Candy
  5. The Bottom Line
  6. Paid Membership



Alter Ego is a website with a ton of freebies! We offer paid membership as an option, but only to the ones who are hungry for more!

Currently, most aspects of the Alter Ego site are absolutely FREE including our popular model and photographer galleries, as well as our fashion and flyer galleries... so there is never a shortage of eye candy on Alter Ego! These features will always be available for free and we like it that way!

The newest party gallery is always free to everyone who was there! At the party, you will be given a code that will allow you free access to the party gallery for that event forever. Within a week of the party, log into your profile, enter the code and you're all set! When the gallery is posted later in the month, you will have lifetime access to it. Its our way of saying thank you for supporting our event!

Our member profiles and extended search are also FREE on the website. It's always free to look! Of course you can always get the most accurate and up-to-date information on all of our upcoming events including party details, performers, directions, recommended accomodations and MORE!

You will not be bothered for a credit card number when registering a basic account. Registering a basic account on Alter Ego allows you all of these many features and, best of all, its absolutely FREE! All you need is an email address, some basic information as it relates to your fetishes and interests, and a few photos of yourself.