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Starting January 1st, 2014, we will be offering 30 Day Free Platinum Membership for every new member with a completed profile.

Alter Ego is North America's Longest-Running Strict Dress Code Fetish Party! Started by South Florida alternative fashion boutique Fetish Factory in 1997, Alter Ego provided a special club night for the high-end latex fashion sold at the boutique!

In business since 1995, Fetish Factory is now a huge megastore of alternative fashion and a must-see / must-shop spot when visiting South Florida. Alter Ego is now an incredible world-famous party that has been documented on Playboy TV's Sexcetera and has also been featured time and again in the industry's leading magazines: Skin Two & Marquis.

Our website hosts a comprehensive database of images and information from the past ten years: parties, fashion shows, fetish photography shoots, you name it! We also have documented every single event we have thrown since our first Fetish Party in 1997.

We host a strict dress code Fetish Party on the second Saturday of every month. Our monthly parties regularly draw fetish-frenzied crowds of 500-1,000 attendees.

We have created the Alter Ego website as a way of solidifying the fetish community that has thrived around the popular fetish scene in South Florida. We like to be in touch and know what our friends are interested in seeing happen with future events, and we also like to make sure you have the newest and most accurate information about our events. But we also want our friends to be in touch with each other. Meet new people with common kinky interests!

The purpose of this guest tour is an orientation or sorts. It explains what we are all about for newcomers, and it also explains some of the more interesting features and funtionality of the site to potential and existing members. We also have an FAQ where you will find more answers.

So let's begin!