Attention AOL, AIM, Netscape & CompuServe email users...

AOL has taken it upon themselves to block all outgoing email broadcasts from Fetish Factory.  If you have an email address rooted from AOLAIMNetscape or CompuServe (all owned and operated by AOL) then you are now missing out on email-only special sales and late-breaking information about our exciting fetish parties and events.

1) To assure delivery, AOL recommends you add our FF email addresses to your address book or contacts:

Please add the following email addresses ( & if you plan to do business with our online store for both placing an order or sending an inquiry to Fetish Factory online.

( &
Please add the following email address ( & if you plan to become a member of our Alter Ego or XFP websites.

2) Review YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Emails from FF are often errantly landing in your spam folder. If an email sent by Fetish Factory is found YOU MUST use the THIS IS NOT SPAM button to validate the email. This will move the email to your inbox and help train AOL to allow our future emails to deliver straight to your inbox.

3) If you have followed AOL's rules and continue to have Fetish Factory's email newsletter or order confirmation land in your SPAM FOLDER, or if AOL refuses to deliver correspondence from Fetish Factory, we suggest you lodge a complaint directly with:

Rhea D'Souza
AOL Postmaster

We are trying to resolve our blacklisting issues with AOL but are currently unsure how long this will take, or if this will ever truly be resolved. Right now, AOL-system email users are missing out on sale & party info through no fault of their own. Here are some other ways that you can stay in touch:

Update with a non-AOL email address
If you use any of these AOL email services and wish to stay in touch with us about the latest sale and party info, we recommend that you login to your account(s) on, and/or to update your information with an alternative email address that is NOT sourced from AOL If you do not have an alternative email, we recommend signing up any of the free email services on the web such as gmailhotmailyahoo, etc.  

Social Networking
Another good option is to continue to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates. This will allow you to get the information from the newsletter in a much more condensed format.

To login to your account(s) and update your email to a non-AOL address, please visit the following links:

Alter Ego:


FF Online Store:

Your privacy is important to us. We never spam, and our list is strictly available on an opt-in basis. If you are no longer interested in receiving our email updates, you can send a message with your email address to unsubscribe.  

If you have any problems or questions, please email for assistance.