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Party Schedule For April of 2017

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A Midnight Succubus - April 8, 2017
April 8, 2017


Fetish Factory is excited to bring you our 2nd ever

A Beautiful Wet Nightmare 

Like horror, Like romance....

Ladies have you ever woken from a wet dream that felt as if it were so real, you could still taste the desire in your breath?
you try to focus on a face, a face in your dreams and all you can gather are animal like sensations that cruise through you, cruise you badly, cruise you deadly... This is no dream lovely, this is known as an Incubus! 

An incubus is a demon in male form who according to mythological and legendary traditions, seduces women into sleeping with them in their dreams. Most times it acts as a vessel, used by the dreaming victim to satify their fantasies whether is sexual or non sexual.

Guys, lucky you... the Succubus, seduces men into a sexual encounter chosen by the demon... the male experiences deep sexual satisfaction that is unlike anything he has ever managed to feel in the non dreaming world. 

Now that! is kinky as hell my friends! so we're opening the gates of hell for this one our sweet kinksters! dominate and manifest your fantasies! all you witches, demons, priests and nuns. For all you in the closet angels, faries and fawns, the party is for you because we all deserve a midnight fantasy. The Midnight Succubus is for you!

Most Ghost

Performances by:
Val Barlett Val Vampyre
Carla X Infekt Christa Knox

DJS: Linder SMASH! - Deadhead


Gold Club - Pompano Beach 
1820 NW 21ST

Available all around


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From I95:

Exit WEST on Copans Rd. 
on Power line make a LEFT 
on NW 21st  Street, make a LEFT
Entrance will be on right hand side when you get to the corner of NW 21st and Dr BJ McCormick Ave

From Turpike:

Exit EASTT on Copans Rd. 
on Power line make a RIGHT
on NW 21st  Street, make a LEFT
Entrance will be on right hand side when you get to the corner of NW 21st and Dr BJ McCormick Ave


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